How to Synchronize Raspberry Pi Time with rdate

Introduction Raspberry pi is popular IOT device that power up many project from hobbies project to time sensitive sensor network and automation industry. It is a small footprint device run under operating system your choice - raspbian linux or windows core IOT. However, Raspberry pi lack of hardware real time clock. Due to the fact Raspberry pi offer many advantage of small and powerful device, many developer look for a solution to synchronize device time with reference computer.

Schedule Cron Job on Reboot at Raspberry Pi

Introduction Cron is time based scheduler on Linux operating system. it run task periodically at specific time based on cron task list. There are some reason you want to execute a specific task at boot or at specific time. You may want to use #reboot cron schedule to run task at reboot. Setup Cron at Reboot To setup a cron task run when reboot for Raspberry pi, you can enter value at cron task as follow.

How To Synchronize Raspberry Pi Clock Using Cron Job

Introduction Raspberry pi is a popular, small, cheap device use for many project. It has number of input output, serial port, I2C, bluetooth and integrated WiFi (Raspberry pi 3). However, Raspberry pi lack of real time clock. This limitation become a problem for number of application that need a time as a reference to process a task. In this article we will run some program to sync raspberry pi operating system with a time server using scheduled crob job.

Using Entire SD Card on Raspberry Pi

Setup Rasbian operating system on the previous post doesn’t actually use the whole volume of SD card. This is mean operating system left a big chunk of SD card volume still up for grab. Using the whole space on SD card is very important on future development where space become a problem. Now, lets start by checking how much space left on SD card. The default user name and password on fresh installed of Rasbian operating system is pi and raspberry respectively.

Set up a Raspbian image on an SD card and the Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a inexpensive and compact single-board computer powered by ARM processor, produced by the Raspberry Pi Foundation in the UK. Even though it is compact, it’s become an excellent device for computer professional and hobbies who design product based upon tiny footprint computer. Raspberry pi is require an operating system to operate. Standard operating system are available on website. Raspbian distribution, a version of Debian Linux is one of the popular operating system use on Raspberry pi.