Microcontroller Project - Reading Input Pin on Microchip 16F914

What is Input? Now that the output concept has been established; logically, the next step in our endeavor to learn about the microcontrollers would be input programming. In this article, we will discuss what is an input program, simulate an actual input program, and analyze the importance/capabilities to much more complex programs/situations. To summarize the previous article for our first time readers, output is the result from the solely from the programming without any user input.

Microcontroller Project Driving Output Pin on Microchip 16F914

What is a Microcontroller Microcontrollers are miniature computer systems that possesses components such as memory, processor core, and programmable input/output devices that are separate from the CPU. These I/O devices are scaled-down to parallel the reduced size of the microcontroller. In order for the microcontroller to function, they obey certain instruction according to the embedded code given to it by the programmer; the code given to the microcontroller may vary and only work for specific tasks or applications.