How To Synchronize Raspberry Pi Clock Using Cron Job

Introduction Raspberry pi is a popular, small, cheap device use for many project. It has number of input output, serial port, I2C, bluetooth and integrated WiFi (Raspberry pi 3). However, Raspberry pi lack of real time clock. This limitation become a problem for number of application that need a time as a reference to process a task. In this article we will run some program to sync raspberry pi operating system with a time server using scheduled crob job.

How To Install MySQL on Ubuntu Linux

Introduction MySQL is a free database commonly install on many Virtual Private Server (VPS). It is a powerful database with many community support. MySQL is a popular open source relational database, it is use SQL language to operate. Many MySQL installation power up Linux base web site to operate. Prerequisites We are going to install MySQL database in Linux machine particularly Ubuntu. in this tutorial I will show you how to install MySQL on Ubuntu version 14.

How To Uninstall MySQL on Ubuntu Linux

Introduction On the previous post we learn How To Install MySQL on Ubuntu Linux. Now, we are going to learn how to remove or uninstall MySQL installation from the machine. There are many reason to uninstall database, you may want to free up some space, running issues with installation or replace with other type of database. Uninstall MySQL Database In the short version we want to follow steps to uninstall MySQL.

How To Create a Rotating Banner on WordPress Sidebar

Introduction Advertisement is one way to generate income for website owner. Showing advertisement banner in your website able to attract visitor attention to follow banner link and generate income for website owner. if you have more than one advertisement banner you want to show on your WordPress, there is a way to do that. You may want to target a good location for banner, attractive for visitor but not interfere with main content .

How To Setup MySQL Replication Between Two Server

Introduction The continuity operation of database service is very important for website to minimize down time and better user experience. Database replication is one of technique use by many administrator to save maintain one database while other still in operation to service every query to website. Database replication is offer a mirror on one database to others within one or different server or different data center location. Every record on database one is replicated exactly on database two, three an so on.

How To Set Up Multiple Virtual Host on Debian Linux Running Apache Server

Introduction Apache is the most popular web server applications. It is an open source software and readily available at no cost. It operates on over fifty percent of all live internet sites around the globe. It is fast, dependable, safe, powerful and adjustable. Apache architecture allow you to splits its operation and resources into specific pieces that could be personalized and tweaked on their own. These scenarios are relating to a number of sites running on one server, process by name or Internet protocol address of virtual hosts.

Changing the SSH Port for Debian Linux Server

There are number of legitimate reason to modify SSH port of Linux server. The benefit to non default port is to safeguard again port scanner applications which are keep searching for particular service (SSH or others). It will not likely take care of hacking issue completely but delay password brute force at the very least . Change SSH post on Debian Linux To change port on Debian Linux follow following instruction : Login to Debian Linux with SSH program or putty.

Install and Setup Cron Job at Debian VPS

Cron job is a system daemon employed to undertake chosen jobs run in the background. Scheduled cron job is a very helpful tool for system administrator to carry out number of job automatically. Before setting cron job, you need to install cron. Install Cron on Debian linux Login to linux machine run debian. Execute following command to install cron. sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install cron After cron is successfully installed, You should able to setup task.

Disable Virtual Site From Apache

Apache is a openly available Web server operates on most UNIX-based operating systems. It makes up about over half of all working websites on the internet. The web server alone is flexible, fast, reliable, and secure. You can easily run multiple virtual site on Apache. You can add or remove it anytime you want. We will discussing about removing virtual site from Apache on this guide. Methods to setup a new virtual site will be on other post.

How to display all the list of MySQL users along with their privileges

If you are managing a multi-user MySQL database you may want to get back a list of MySQL user along with privileges on each user. To uncover all MySQL users plus authorizations given to each user, sign in to your MySQL server, and run the examples below. Sign in to MySQL and get the list of users: mysql -u root -p password : Enter your MySQL root password.