How To Install PowerDNS, MariaDB and Poweradmin on Ubuntu Linux 14.04

Introduction Domain name server (DNS) is a machine that hold information about domains and its address. It maintain IP address information of domain and can be translate to hostname. PowerDNS is a freely available high performance DNS server program runs on Linux machine. It read information from backend database and support Bind. In this tutorial we are going to process of installing PowerDNS using MariaDB as a database backend and Power admin to manage DNS server under linux ubuntu 14.

Remote Backup

The Crash of the New Age Nowadays, computer files are the backbone of any business or industry. Key information pertinent to any industry are stored within these files. A single mistake or error, such as a simple crash, can be devastating to efficiency of anyone especially businesses. In businesses, a single “hiccup” can lead to outrageous expenses and even lead to the inability for the business to function. Especially if the files had any relevant information to any confidential information about an individual, which would negatively afflict a company’s reputation on reliability or trustworthiness.

Recover Formatted NTFS Drives

### A First World Problem On a daily basis, people utilize the benefits of technology to satisfy their desires or purposes. The technology they operate ranges from something as small as a cellular device to towering desktops. However, at least one time, everyone has experienced a technical error, virus, or alternate malfunctions to these devices. Unfortunately, for some, a few malfunctions or viruses are severe enough to potentially cripple your device.

Search and Recover Lost Microsoft Word Documents

You Got a Word for That? From typing your first essay to completing a complex report for your employer, everyone has utilized a program known as Microsoft Word. The deep, rich features of Word can serve even the most nitpicky, advanced user, yet; the user-friendly GUI (Graphic User Interface) allows even the youngest users to pick up on the necessary functions for creating a basic prompt. Word Crashes Now ?

How to Recover Lost Photos

Oh No! I lost all of my photos! Everyday, people use social media sites to display their best photos for any occasion: Vacation photos, individual achievements, and even common daily life topics. Millions upon millions of photos are uploaded everyday to these sites and countless more to come. However, these photos need to be stored somewhere first: usually a computer. You’re downloading your precious memories from your smartphone and all of a sudden your computer crashes.